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March 18, 2015

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Instagram Just Gave Brands a New Photo Feature

By Josh Wolford

Instagram is testing a new way for brands to deliver ads on the network, and it's something that the average user would probably kill to have access to.

The company has just announced a new format called Carousel ads. It lets brands add multiple photos to a single post, which users can cycle through by swiping left. The Carousel ads will also feature a link to a site of the business' choice.

"One way to look at it is carousel ads bring the potential of multi-page print campaigns to mobile phones - with the added benefit of taking people to a website to learn more. For instance, a fashion company could use the carousel to deconstruct the individual products in a 'look.' A car company might share an array of different features of a vehicle and provide a link to learn more about the new model. Or, an advertiser could showcase how multiple ingredients come together to make a delicious meal," says Instagram in a Business Blog post.

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