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March 28, 2014

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Facebook Tests Saving Stories for Later, Once Again

By Josh Wolford

Apparently, Facebook is experimenting with the “save” button again.

Josh Constine over at TechCrunch has acquired some screenshots of the new test, in which Facebook is adding a big ol’ “save” button inside articles shared on the desktop version of the site.

When users click the save button, the link is put into a “saved” articles section on users’ timelines. In the test, users can also access their saved links from a shortcut on Facebook’s left-hand navigation bar (again, desktop only).

The idea behind a “save” button is that users could store links that look interesting, but they simply don’t have time to digest at present. It’s a save it for later feature that would allow users to come back to all the content they might have just scrolled past. There’s a lot of stuff on one’s Facebook News Feed, and a saved links folder would help users cut through the clutter.

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